Pinocchio Online Slot Rating and reviews

Pinocchio Online Slot Rating and reviews

Pinocchio is a BetSoft slot machine game that captures your attention from the minute you begin playing since it retells the classic tale in a way that can only be accomplished by a slot machine developed by BetSoft. This one-of-a-kind 3D slot machine offers not only a sufficient amount of entertainment value but also a number of methods to make more money for no further outlay of funds. It has 5 reels, 15 active paylines, and a list of features so extensive that you’ll need a handbook to grasp it. You have the chance to win prizes worth up to 75,000 coins every spin when you play it at any BetSoft casino with real money.

Pinocchio is a mobile game that can be played on any device, including the vast majority of smartphone models, giving you the opportunity to enjoy high-quality entertainment and win significant rewards while you are on the go. The fact that it does is fortunate for you since this slot game offers a number of different features that you may employ. There are two different kinds of free spins games, bonus respins, walking wilds, and a feature that allows you to double your bet in this slot machine. These bonuses are not the only ones you’ll earn while you’re playing the game, though.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Pinocchio

BetSoft’s Pinocchio has a comprehensive set of screen controls, all of which are conveniently located at the bottom of the screen in order to make things as simple as possible for you. To modify your wager before beginning to play at one of the online slots sites that we recommend, simply navigate to the betting controls located on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you can choose the size of your coin, the number of paylines that you want to be active, and the number of coins that you want to bet on each line. This game gives you the opportunity to place bets ranging from 0.01 credits up to 75 credits every round, giving you the flexibility to adjust your spending according to your available funds.

You only need to tap the numbers that are situated next to the reels in order to see the paylines and choose which of them you would want to activate in order to participate in the game. You can earn money with as many as 13 distinct symbols on these lines, however depending on the feature you’re in, you can only have 11 symbols display on the screen at the same time. Each symbol has its own reward, which is a multiplier that is applied to the total number of coins you have, and each award has the potential to be raised by increasing the number of coins wagered on each payline. You just need one penny to play, and the winnings may be anything from five to five hundred coins. However, if you play the game with five coins, the jackpot might increase to 2,500 coins each sequence. This is the case even without any additional bonus features. If you use the double-up game, on the other hand, you’ll have an extraordinary opportunity to double those payments by a factor of two or more.

There is also a mobile-friendly version of Pinocchio that can be played on any iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. This version of the game is available for purchase. When you play on a mobile device, the only thing that is different from when you play on a desktop computer is that your Auto Play and betting controls are placed within the game’s menu to conserve screen space. Other than that, everything else is the same.

Features Associated with Pinocchio and Free Spins

If you play the Pinocchio slot machine, you have a chance to earn a reward if you gather a sequence of at least three symbols that match on a payline, moving from left to right. The slot machine includes a unique fairy respins function that is activated in situations in which the first three reels prohibit you from obtaining a payment for a combination of five identical symbols. Within this bonus, a fairy will fly down on the reels to respin them, providing you with another opportunity to make a profit.

The game may be played in four distinct ways: the workshop, the school, the stage, and the real boy mode. Each of these modes is activated by a different kind of bonus symbol. You start out in the workshop mode, and if you have any gathered Gepetto symbols on the third reel, they will turn into walking wilds that travel from right to left and trigger free respins whenever they land. You will be able to escape this mode if you have accumulated 10 book or wagon symbols, either of which will launch the classroom or stage mode, respectively. Each of these game types awards you with a bonus consisting of eight free spins, during which the wagon or book symbols function as walking wilds that generate respins. Additionally, payment multipliers of two times are applied to any rewards that are accumulated during this round.

And as a last bonus, you also get access to the real boy mode, which may be activated if you have accumulated a total of five real boy emblems during the course of your session. In this mode, each Pinocchio symbol that you collect will be converted into a wild, which not only has the ability to replace other symbols but also pays the highest payouts while playing for real money.

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